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Our Choirs



Community School of the Arts

649 Chestnut St., FA 232

Terre Haute, IN  47809

Office: 812-237-2528

Fax: 812-237-3009





Ages 9 and up. Singers build on vocal technique and blending. They learn to harmonize through the use of two and three part music. Greater sight-singing skills are utilized.









Ages 9 and up. Singers learn basic vocal production, singing in-tune, how to follow along in their music, and how to blend with other singers to achieve a beautiful unison sound.










Ages 7 and up. This is a preparatory choir experience geared toward the child who is still learning to listen and match the pitch, develop his/her vocal range, and sing with a pure tone.

649 Chestnut St, FA 232  Terre Haute, IN  47809

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